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Full Version: Issue when using brain function
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[*]Current Server Version
[*]Hashtopolis: 0.12.0 commit 8f5756e branch master

[*]Current Client Version

[*]Hashcat Version

[*]Task command you are using eg. "#HL# wordlist.txt -r rulefile.rule"
[*]-a 3 #HL# -w 4  Word?a?d?d?d?d

[*]A detailed description of the problem you are experiencing

[*]When using a bcrypt Hashlist with only one single hash inside of it with Brain and Brain features 3 it seems that HC does not load the hash. Everytime i get HC error: No hashes loaded though in the hashlist is the correct hash.
[*]Cracking the same hash without brain enabled works fine.

[*]Debug output from the client

[2022-02-14 04:25:17,306] [DEBUG] {'action': 'getChunk', 'token': 'dRyke9bqhY', 'taskId': 42
[2022-02-14 04:25:17,322] [DEBUG] http://192.x.x.x:80 "POST /api/server.php HTTP/1.1" 200 95
[2022-02-14 04:25:17,323] [DEBUG] b'{"action":"getChunk","response":"SUCCESS","status":"OK","chunkId":272,"skip":0,"length":950000}'
[2022-02-14 04:25:17,323] [INFO ] Start chunk...
[2022-02-14 04:25:17,324] [DEBUG] CALL: Hashcat.exe --machine-readable --quiet --status --restore-disable --session=hashtopolis --status-timer 5 --outfile-check-timer=5 --outfile-check-dir=..\..\hashlist_29 -o ..\..\hashlists\29.out --outfile-format=1,2,3,4 -p " " -s 0 -l 950000 --brain-client --brain-host 192.x.x.x --brain-port 4444 --brain-password  --brain-client-features 3  -a 3 ..\..\hashlists\29 -w 4 Word?a?d?d?d?d  --hash-type=3200
[2022-02-14 04:25:17,334] [DEBUG] started cracking
[2022-02-14 04:25:17,672] [ERROR] HC error: No hashes loaded.
[2022-02-14 04:25:17,673] [DEBUG] {'action': 'clientError', 'token': 'dRyke9bqhY', 'taskId': 42, 'chunkId': 272, 'message': 'No hashes loaded.'}
[2022-02-14 04:25:17,688] [DEBUG] http://192.x.x.x:80 "POST /api/server.php HTTP/1.1" 200 45
[2022-02-14 04:25:17,689] [DEBUG] b'{"action":"clientError","response":"SUCCESS"}'
[2022-02-14 04:25:18,790] [INFO ] finished chunk
[2022-02-14 04:25:18,790] [DEBUG] {'action': 'checkClientVersion', 'token': 'dRyke9bqhY', 'version': '', 'type': 'python'}
[2022-02-14 04:25:18,803] [DEBUG] http://192.x.x.x:80 "POST /api/server.php HTTP/1.1" 200 67
[2022-02-14 04:25:18,804] [DEBUG] b'{"action":"checkClientVersion","response":"SUCCESS","version":"OK"}'
[2022-02-14 04:25:18,804] [INFO ] Client is up-to-date!
Have you checked that your hash actually is correct? Did you try to call hashcat outside of Hashtopolis with the same hash and see if it accepts the hash?

On the agent make sure that the hash was downloaded correctly by looking into the file at hashlists\29 and see if the hash is correctly contained in there.