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  Sorted hashlists
Posted by: SuprDewd - 12-06-2018, 11:08 AM - Forum: Hashtopolis - Replies (1)

When adding a new hashlist, the interface says "make sure it's sorted!". Why is this a requirement? What happens if they are not sorted?

I realized that a couple of my existing hashlists are not sorted, so I'm just wondering whether I need to restart the corresponding tasks.

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  Server skips cracked hash after client HC error
Posted by: ytrewq - 11-17-2018, 09:31 PM - Forum: Problems - Replies (10)

Hello, again.
Got another problem.
Client version: python 0.4.0
Server version: 0.10.0
Hashcat version: 5.0.0+81 (beta)
Hash-type: 5300 (IKE PSK MD5)

hashcat gives me some errors such as:

Quote:nvmlDeviceGetCurrPcieLinkWidth(): Not Supported
nvmlDeviceGetClockInfo(): Not Supported
nvmlDeviceGetTemperatureThreshold(): Not Supported
nvmlDeviceGetUtilizationRates(): Not Supported

Therefore, hashtopolis deactivates agent and agent cant upload cracked hash. It fails with an error: "Agent is marked inactive!"

If I change "Cracker errors" parameter in agent setup to "Keep agent running,...", I can get two results:
1. Client uploads cracked hash and server accepts it (on one PC).
2. Client uploads cracked hash and server skips it (on another PC).

I think that such errors are not critical for the cracking process and can be ignored or valued as warnings.
And I can't imagine why the server skips cracked hashes. There is no SQL query with update of hash table. The server selects cracked hash only.

Thank you

P.S. Got two bugs.
If you change Agent binary current version parameter in server config, but keep hashtopolis.zip with an old version, client will enter to endless update loop.
If you install Python to a path with spaces (for example, "c:\Program Files\Python37"), agent will fail to run after update with "File not found" error.

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  Hashtopolis 0.10.0 Release
Posted by: s3in!c - 11-16-2018, 05:03 PM - Forum: Hashtopolis - No Replies

The new Hashtopolis release contains various new features and enhancements, especially the new hashcat brain integration:


  • Integration of Hashcat Brain feature.
  • Speed data is kept and can be shown in graphs for tasks.
  • Agents can automatically de-register if allowed on the server.
  • Agent updates can now automatically be retrieved, based on selected update track.
  • Update scripts in the future can be handled differently. Applying updates is easier as there is a build number.

  • Fixed wrong percentage in case of big tasks where percentage was close to 0.
  • Rule splitting can only happen if at least two subparts get created afterwards.
  • Fixed filesize calculation for temporary files after rule splitting.
  • In case of client errors the corresponding chunk now also is saved if available.
  • Make more clear naming on rule splitting tasks, rules have an empty line at the end to increase readability.The new Hashtopolis release contains various new features and enhancements:

The new release is available at: https://github.com/s3inlc/hashtopolis/re...ag/v0.10.0
The corresponding client release (which is also included in the server release) is available at: https://github.com/s3inlc/hashtopolis-ag...tag/v0.4.0

Please note that the python agent is the only agent for the moment which is able to run with the newest server releases of Hashtopolis. Unless otherwise stated, the C# client remains not up-to-date and should not be used. Also note that the agent repository was split into two repositories, one for each agent type. The old repository just shows the links to the new ones.

Also note that there was a new requirement added for the python client. You now need to install the psutil python package.

Hashcat Brain Integration:
In Hashtopolis you can configure a global Hashcat brain server which can be used. This is done in the server config where you have to add the host, port and password for the brain server which the clients then should use. For every hashlist you add to Hashtopolis afterwards, you can select if the brain should be used for this hashlist (keep in mind, it is only useful to use the brain on slow hash algorithms as otherwise it would introduce a bottleneck). If a hashlist is set to use the brain, every task issued with this hashlist will then automatically use the brain client flags on the client when running it. Note: PRINCE and piping tasks are excluded from the brain, as Hashcat is not supporting the brain features when using stdin for the candidates.

Agent Updates:
The server now allows the automatic update of the python agent by checking and downloading built zips from the agent repository.  You can select from three different tracks to retrieve updates from (release, stable, dev). The data is retrieved from https://archive.hashtopolis.org which holds all built zips from each commit since 0.3.0 and the older releases.
There are two ways to get the source of Hashtopolis:

New Installation Notes:
There are two ways to get the source of Hashtopolis:
  • Clone the full repository to the location on the web server where it should run, protect the directories which are outside of src and keep the git repository intact.
  • Download the bundled version (https://archive.hashtopolis.org/server) which only contains the files which are required to run Hashtopolis (without CI and doc folder), extract it at the desired location.
NOTE: If you don't use one of these ways, updates will not be possible to applied directly. If you're hesitating to download the bundled version, you can bundle it yourself from the repository by navigating into the ci/ directory and run ./bundle.sh. With the created zip you then can proceed the same as with the bundle download.

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  Install Hashtopolis on CentOS 7
Posted by: imjustanoob - 11-07-2018, 08:27 PM - Forum: Howto - Replies (1)

Install dependencies and repos

yum install -y git vim centos-release-scl-rh epel-release
yum install -y rh-php71 rh-php71-php-gd rh-php71-php-pear mariadb-server httpd24 rh-php71-php-fpm rh-php71-php-pdo rh-php71-php-mysqlnd

Turn off SELinux
setenforce 0

Disable SELinux
sed -i 's/SELINUX=enforcing/SELINUX=disabled/' /etc/sysconfig/selinux

Setup mysql
systemctl start mariadb
systemctl enable mariadb

Create mysql database and user
mysql -u root -p
> create database hash;
> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON hash.* TO 'hash'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'hash';
> quit

Configure php-fpm
Edit file /etc/opt/rh/rh-php71/php-fpm.d/www.conf

listen =
listen = '/opt/rh/rh-php71/root/var/run/php-fpm/default.sock'

and change
;listen.owner = nobody
;listen.group = nobody
;listen.mode = 0660
listen.owner = apache
listen.group = apache
listen.mode = 0660

Then run
mkdir -p /opt/rh/rh-php71/root/var/run/php-fpm
chown apache: /opt/rh/rh-php71/root/var/run/php-fpm

Edit file /etc/opt/rh/rh-php71/php.ini
memory_limit = 2G
upload_max_filesize = 2G
post_max_size = 2G
*Adjust accordingly

systemctl start rh-php71-php-fpm
systemctl enable rh-php71-php-fpm

Configure Apache

Edit file /opt/rh/httpd24/root/etc/httpd/conf.d/php.conf
<Proxy "unix:/opt/rh/rh-php71/root/var/run/php-fpm/default.sock|fcgi://php-fpm">
       ProxySet disablereuse=off
<FilesMatch \.php$>
       SetHandler proxy:fcgi://php-fpm
AddType text/html .php
DirectoryIndex index.php

Set the timeout for the server
echo KeepAliveTimeout 10 >> /opt/rh/httpd24/root/etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Install Hashtopolis
cd /opt
git clone https://github.com/s3inlc/hashtopolis 
cp -R hashtopolis/src/. /opt/rh/httpd24/root/var/www/html/.
chown -R apache: /opt/rh/httpd24/root/var/www/html/.

Start Apache
systemctl start httpd24-httpd
systemctl enable httpd24-httpd

Browse to site and finish installation

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  HC error: No hashes loaded
Posted by: ytrewq - 11-07-2018, 07:06 PM - Forum: Problems - Replies (7)

Trying to crack IKE PSK MD5 (-m 5300)
Client: python 0.3.0 version
OS: Windows 8.1

I got an error "HC error: No hashes loaded"

Here is the debug output:

Quote:[2018-11-07 10:43:25,641] [DEBUG] b'{"action":"getChunk","response":"SUCCESS","status":"OK","chunkId":3,"skip":0,"length":1}'
[2018-11-07 10:43:25,641] [INFO ] Start chunk...
[2018-11-07 10:43:25,643] [DEBUG] CALL: hashcat64.exe --machine-readable --quiet --status --remove --restore-disable --potfile-disable --session=hashtopolis --status-timer 5 --outfile-check-timer=5 --outfile-check-dir=..\..\hashlist_1 -o ..\..\hashlists\1.out --outfile-format=15 -p " " --remove-timer=5 -s 0 -l 1 -a 0 ..\..\hashlists\1 ..\..\files\mydict.dict  --hash-type=5300 
[2018-11-07 10:43:25,644] [DEBUG] started cracking
[2018-11-07 10:43:26,814] [ERROR] HC error: No hashes loaded.
[2018-11-07 10:43:26,815] [DEBUG] {'action': 'clientError', 'token': 'XXXXXXXXXX', 'taskId': 1, 'message': 'No hashes loaded.'}
[2018-11-07 10:43:28,269] [DEBUG] http://server-ip:80 "POST /hashtopolis/api/server.php HTTP/1.1" 200 45
[2018-11-07 10:43:29,350] [DEBUG] b'{"action":"clientError","response":"SUCCESS"}'
[2018-11-07 10:43:30,452] [INFO ] finished chunk

I think the problem is in -p option with chr(9) value. I tried to run hashcat in manual mode. And if I delete -p option all is OK. But I cant get good result with -p option at all even I changed it's value.

Thanx for any solution

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  Issue with bruteforce mode and static chunking
Posted by: Nemo - 11-06-2018, 06:34 PM - Forum: Problems - Replies (1)

There is some information about my Hashtopolis configuration:
- Server and agents are running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS;
- All agents have Nvidia GTX 970;
- Hashtopolis v0.8.0 (C# agents);
- Hashcat v4.2.1;
- CMDs like: -a 3 #HL# -1 ?l?u?d ?1?1?1?1?1?1.

So the problem is when I try to run the task with type of cmd as mentioned above and the static chunking (using static number of chunks, e.g. 8), the task will have 100% dispatched keyspace, every chunk will be assigned with 1 agent, but only 12.5% (or multiple of 12.5 like 25, 37.5 etc: N * 100 / 8 < 100) of dispatched keyspace will be searched, so the hash couldn't be found. But if the hash of correct password is in the range of first dispatched and searched keyspace, password will be cracked. IDK if this problem is only with bruteforce mode or not, but it takes place for different types of hashes (like RAR5, PDF, HCCAPX, Office etc).

If there is no chunking with static chunk size, the result is unpredictable, but in most cases is correct. 

P.S. There is an another small problem: when creating hashlist of HCCAPX type there is an incorrect display of hccapx info in the web interface. It should be like [keymic*mac_ap*mac_sta*essid], but it's only [mac_ap*mac_sta*essid] without keymic.

Thank you.

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  Hashtopolis 0.9.0 Release
Posted by: s3in!c - 11-05-2018, 03:05 PM - Forum: Hashtopolis - No Replies

The new Hashtopolis release contains various new features and enhancements:


  • The server saves the crackpos for hash founds given by hashcat.
  • Trimming of chunks can be disabled so a chunk is always run fully again (or splitted if it is too large).
  • Supertasks can now can be created by specifying a base command and iterate over a selection of files to be placed in the command.
  • Notes can be added to hashlists.
  • Added optional trace logging of actions from the client API to get more information in case of failures.
  • Slow hashes are marked, so the client can decide if piping could make sense for this hash type.
  • Agents can run health checks to determine if all agents are running correctly.

  • Fixed GPU data graph when having multiple agents.
  • Fixed assignment issue with subtasks of supertasks if they were in the same supertask.
  • Fixed that cracker types cannot be deleted when there are supertasks using this type.

  • Telegram notifications can now completely be configured via server config and also can be used through proxies.
  • Peppers of Encryption.class.php and CSRF.class.php were moved out of the files to make updating easier.
  • When importing supertasks it can be selected if they should use the optimized flag and which benchmark type should be used.
  • Subtasks are only loaded when being viewed to speed up loading of the tasks page.
  • Changed type of the hash column to TEXT to make sure to handle all the long hashes. It should not affect speed as long as there is not a multi-million hashlist.
  • Preconfigured task attack commands can be edited after creation.
  • If needed it can be set that the server should also distribute tasks with priority 0.

The new release is available at: https://github.com/s3inlc/hashtopolis/re...tag/v0.9.0
The corresponding client release (which is also included in the server release) is available at: https://github.com/s3inlc/hashtopolis-ag...tag/v0.3.0

Please note that the python agent is the only agent for the moment which is able to run with the newest server releases of Hashtopolis. Unless otherwise stated, the C# client remains not up-to-date and should not be used. Also note that the agent repository was split into two repositories, one for each agent type. The old repository just shows the links to the new ones.

An important note for people upgrading from previous versions: 
Due to the change of moving the peppers for the hashing out of the class itself (to cause less conflicting problems), this update needs certain attention. Back up the three different peppers present in src/inc/Encryption.class.php and the CSRF token in src/inc/CSRF.class.php, overwrite the Encryption and CSRF class on update and apply the upgrade script. After the upgrade script is done, the file with the db credentials (src/inc/db.php) is moved to src/inc/conf.php. Replace the placeholders for the peppers with the backed up values, so login credentials will continue to work after the upgrade.

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  Benchmark was unsuccessful, check all files are present
Posted by: Ode55a2000 - 10-22-2018, 06:23 PM - Forum: Problems - Replies (9)

Please help for my problem.

1. I install Ubuntu 18.04.1 for server, and install all components from video instruction (Mysql, php, phpmyadmin) latest version.
Server UP and works.
2. Install client on rig 4-gpu AMD (Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS)
3. Using any version hashcat 4.2.1 ; 4.2.0 ; 4.0.1  (hashcat works normal from download directory)
4. Create task -a 3 #HL# ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d (upload *.hccapx files) hachcat correct woks with this files if direct run.
4. Client get task and get error
debug :

Quote:Finished downloading file
Client already exists, skipping download
Getting chunk...
Server has requested the client measure the keyspace for this task
Using /home/user/hashtopussy/hashcat/1 as working directory
/home/user/hashtopussy/hashcat/1/hashcat64.bin   -p : --hash-type=2500  -a 3  ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d  --session=hashtopolis --keyspace --quiet
Getting chunk...
Using /home/user/hashtopussy/files/ as working directory
/home/user/hashtopussy/hashcat/1/hashcat64.bin  -p : --hash-type=2500  -a 3 "/home/user/hashtopussy/hashlists/1" ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d  --restore-disable --potfile-disable  --machine-readable --session=hashtopolis --runtime=20
Server requested the client benchmark this task for 20 seconds
hashcat (v4.2.1) starting...

Hashes: 15 digests; 11 unique digests, 1 unique salts
Bitmaps: 16 bits, 65536 entries, 0x0000ffff mask, 262144 bytes, 5/13 rotates

Applicable optimizers:
* Zero-Byte
* Single-Salt
* Brute-Force
* Slow-Hash-SIMD-LOOP

Minimum password length supported by kernel: 8
Maximum password length supported by kernel: 63

Watchdog: Temperature abort trigger set to 90c

Initialized device kernels and memory...

Benchmark was unsuccessful, check all files are present

If in task i change bech on speedtest i get:

Quote:Getting task
{"action":"getTask","response":"SUCCESS","taskId":43,"attackcmd":"-a3 #HL# ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d","cmdpars":" -p : --hash-type=2500 ","hashlistId":1,"bench":20,"statustimer":5,"files":[],"crackerId":"1","benchType":"speed","hashlistAlias":"#HL#","keyspace":"0","usePrince":false,"enforcePipe":false}
Server has assigned client with Task:43, Cracker:1 and Hashlist:1
Downloading hashlist for this task, please wait...
Downloading from
Downloading 100% @ 230.21 KB/s
Finished downloading file
Client already exists, skipping download
Getting chunk...
Server has requested the client measure the keyspace for this task
Using /home/user/hashtopussy/hashcat/1 as working directory
/home/user/hashtopussy/hashcat/1/hashcat64.bin   -p : --hash-type=2500  -a3  ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d  --session=hashtopolis --keyspace --quiet
Getting chunk...
Using /home/user/hashtopussy/files/ as working directory
/home/user/hashtopussy/hashcat/1/hashcat64.bin  -p : --hash-type=2500  -a3 "/home/user/hashtopussy/hashlists/1" ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d  --restore-disable --potfile-disable  --machine-readable --session=hashtopolis --progress-only
Server has requested the client perform a speed benchmark
hashcat (v4.2.1) starting in progress-only mode...

{"action":"sendBenchmark","response":"ERROR","message":"Invalid benchmark result!"}
Invalid benchmark result!
Server rejected benchmark
Check the hashlist was downloaded correctly


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  Automating creation of hashlists?
Posted by: Purpleninja225 - 10-04-2018, 03:34 AM - Forum: Hashtopolis - Replies (2)

Thanks for creating a forum for hashtop!

My question is that I'm looking to automate the upload and creation of hashlist. It would be nice during cracking competitions to send a hash list to the hashtop server and have it automagically upload said list into the hashlists tab with proper algo to be processed by the various tasks and supertasks set up. If this isn't something I can do natively with what's included with hashtop's setting/functionality is it something I could write up with a script?

So the end result could look like..... 
Send 100md5.txt to hashtop server
Hashtop reads in 100md5.txt and crates a md5 hashlist in the hashlists tab. 
Hashtop creates supertasks and tasks with various rules and attack modes to use against said hashlist. 
Tasks are sent out to agents for cracking. 

I'm mostly looking for some guidance/brainstorming on a way to accomplish this. Any help is appreciated.  Big Grin

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  How to Ask for Help
Posted by: Winxp5421 - 10-02-2018, 03:27 PM - Forum: Problems - No Replies

Providing users of this forum with appropriate and complete information in your initial post allows us to help you as quickly as possible.
This will save users from asking the same simple questions over and over. 

Not Providing adequate information will only increase the time it will take to solve the issue.

Long story short please give us the following information in your initial post:

  • Current Server Version
  • Current Client Version
  • Hashcat Version
  • Task command you are using eg. "#HL# wordlist.txt -r rulefile.rule"
  • A detailed description of the problem you are experiencing
  • Debug output from the client
Client debug output can be obtained by:

C#: Running your client executable with the -d flag "hashtopolis.exe -d"

Python: add the following to your config.json file
"debug": true

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