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How to use Hashtopolis with BitCrack - zielar - 01-16-2019

I have the server version 0.10.1 installed on a web server that works as an API. I configured it by packing the application CuBitCrack.exe to BitCrack.7z and I uploaded to the same server where the API to the bin directory, after which I added in the admin panel (Crackers / Binaries tab) this file as release "generic" in version 1.0.
As I want to scan the HEX ranges for the 32btc puzzle (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1306983.0), I have set the hashlist in order:
- Hash type: Plain text
- Using hashcat brain: No
- Format: Text
- Hashes: 1 (as the hash I gave the address to which I want to search for the right key)

I created a task for this:
- Attack command: # HL # 0800000000000000:1000000000000000 -d 0 -b 80 -t 512 -p 2800
(where I specify the HEX scope in which I want to perform this search and the settings values for the GPU card (ultimately in Windows the command running the application looks like this: cuBitCrack.exe -c -i SEARCH.txt -o FOUND.txt --continue last.txt -b 80 -t 512 -p 2560 -d 0 --keyspace 0800000000000000:1000000000000000 )
Chunk size: 600 seconds
Is small task: NO
- Enforce Piping: NO
Keyspace size: N/A (i dont know why?)
- Hashlist: hashlist created before this task

After adding the agent, I run py hashtopolis.zip where I give the address to my API and the generated token, after which the BitCrack application is downloaded and the error error non-zero size crashes.

What did I do wrong, where was my mistake and how to do it to make it right? I will just add that as a hashtype I also chose PLAINTEXT.

Error: subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '..\crackers\4\cubit.exe keyspace #HL# -s 1Kn5h2qpgw9mWE5jKpk8PP4qvvJ1QVy8su' returned non-zero exit status 1.

Thank you very much for help

RE: How to use Hashtopolis with BitCrack - vetronexe - 01-17-2019

Sounds like the client is having problems determining the key space for the task. I get this error sometime when daisy chaining rules. are you sure that the task works with hashcat from the cli? If it does work you may be able to set the key space manually.

RE: How to use Hashtopolis with BitCrack - zielar - 01-17-2019

I don't use Hashcat. I would like to use BitCrack with this like selecting "generic binary" as a client for cracking ( https://github.com/brichard19/BitCrack )

RE: How to use Hashtopolis with BitCrack - s3in!c - 01-17-2019

If the application does not have standard --skip and --length flags (like hashcat has), you cannot directly distribute it. In that case (if you run the command on one agent only) you can mark it as small task and set any value as keyspace (so it does not try to measure it with the cracker).

RE: How to use Hashtopolis with BitCrack - zielar - 01-17-2019

I'm going to run it on about twenty different machines, four GPU cards each, so there is no one agent here ... If I wanted to run one client, I would run the application directly :-)

RE: How to use Hashtopolis with BitCrack - s3in!c - 01-17-2019

ok, in that case you need either adjust bitcrack to take -s and -l as the chunking inputs (--skip and --length) or you need to adjust the client that it converts the -s and -l values to the format which bitcrack needs to define which part it should cover.

RE: How to use Hashtopolis with BitCrack - zielar - 01-18-2019

BitCrack has the --keyspace option in which we specify the search interval in HEX (eg 0400000000000000: 0500000000000000) and the --share 1/10 function (in this example, part 1 of the range previously given in --keyspace will be searched). There is also the "--stride" option which I think is responsible for the same for what "--skip" in hashcat. So how do you connect it to make it work?

RE: How to use Hashtopolis with BitCrack - s3in!c - 01-18-2019

I guess BitCrack has all the options you need, but in that case you need to modify the generic cracker handling on the client to be compatible with the BitCrack command line flags. I think you mostly need --share, because then you can modify the client to assign another share value to each agent. e.g. 1/100, 2/100, etc. then you should have enough chunks.

RE: How to use Hashtopolis with BitCrack - zielar - 01-19-2019

I do not know how to bite it. Too many unknowns. As part of the explanation of the basic issues:
1) As a HASHLIST, I create a list with hashtype 99999 (PlainText), hashlist TEXT format, without selecting any of the fields and then selecting the "PASTE" hash source in the field at the end:
a) the address of the wallet to which the hex key will be searched?
b) hex range in which the correct key will be searched?
2) When creating a new task, I select the previously created hashlist and pat in the command line:
a) before # HL # the range in which the key will be searched for and the rest of the variables (--share, etc.)
b) po # HL # as above
c) I do not set it here at all because it does it automatically
Chunk size, status timer, benchmark type, etc. do not change to the point where I choose a generic cracker, and then PRINCE TASK do not change and ... I still enter something? these other options seem to have something to do with this - the one I wrote earlier

One last thing: I have to adapt the application so that the flag -s corresponds to the flag --share or adjust the hashtopolis to recognize --share? I can optionally give an FTP reference where I installed the API and provide the appropriate reward for help in launching it in the right way