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Agents stuck on "getTask" - alienhorse - 06-12-2021

Hi. My agents are getting stuck on "getTask" with "Keyspace measure failed!' error (attached image).

I have installed hashtopolis in ubuntu 20.04 version.

As for the task, I am simply running brute force attack on MD5 hashes with the following command 

#HL# -a 3 ?u?l?l?l?l?l?d?d -w 4 - o

I am running hashtopolis with Vast.ai with the following container:


Greatly appreciate any guidance to resolve this issue. 


RE: Agents stuck on "getTask" - s3in!c - 06-17-2021

Please check the agent debug log (use the --debug flag) to get more information what may be the issue.

Also, is this correct that you wrote '- o', there is a space and lowercase o would not make sense here.