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Use Optimized Kernel - lscyber - 08-16-2022

I'm new here so I apologize for any "dumb" questions I may have.

Hashtopolis version: 0.12.0
Hashcat version: 6.2.4

I've been working on creating a mask+wordlist task but there seems to be something either I'm doing wrong or an issue with hashtopolis. I'm testing this out on a single NTLM hash. The command I'm running is -a7 -w4 #HL# ?a wordlist.txt which does seem to work, however it takes about 12 hours for it to complete. The system I'm using has 8 2080TIs so there should be no reason why it takes that long for the task to finish. When I SSH to the system and run hashcat manually with hashcat.bin -m 1000 -a7 -w4 hash.txt ?a wordlist.txt it completes in about 7 hours which still seems like a long time, but when I add the -O to use optimized kernels it finishes in about 40 minutes. My question is when I try to add the -O to the hashtopolis command, -a7 -w4 -O #HL# ?a wordlist.txt and I look at the agent status, it ends up saying Agent Error. Is there a way that you can specify hashtopolis to use optimized kernels or am I just doing something wrong? The wordlist I'm using is 115GB so I know it's very large and will take some time to get through but I feel like it should be quicker than 12 hours since running it with hashcat manually is much quicker.

RE: Use Optimized Kernel - s3in!c - 09-14-2022

The problem here lays with the way how hashcat splits work for such a hybrid task. It uses the left part to split, which in your case allows only to split into 95 pieces in total. So Hashtopolis has a really hard time to get a useful benchmark value out of hashcat and cannot split the task in a good way.

In a case like yours, I would recommend that you just use a rule file which just prepends all the desired characters to a given candidate. This way, hashcat will split by wordlist entries, which allows a much more fine-grained control for the distribution.

So your rule file would then look like:


RE: Use Optimized Kernel - lscyber - 09-22-2022

Ok, that does make sense to me now that you say that. Like I said I'm pretty new to the whole hashtopolis thing. I'll create rule files for prepending 1, 2, and 3 characters. Thanks for the help on this.