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Preconfigured client? - Niktator - 12-10-2019


it took me some half an hour to get the server and client working. So far so good Wink

So the question is: Is there any way, I could prepare archives like client1.7z client2.7z and so my mates just need to install python, download my archive, extract it into a folder - and double click some batchfile I placed already in there?

This would make it kinda easy for my "I can`t install windows"-friends to help me out. 

Is there any issue like the wordlist can`t be existent, it has to be downloaded or something?

Thanks in advance, Nik

RE: Preconfigured client? - micha12344 - 12-12-2019


i think you`re using the Python-Client.
So your Friends Need Python to be installed, thats all. They connect to your Server, download the Agent under "New Agent" and start the Agent with "python hashtopolis.zip".....Ready.

Or what do you mean?