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API createHashList Response Question - TheDoubleD - 01-06-2020

Hi, I am able to create a hashlist, however, I do not receive the hashListId in the response as shown in user_api.pdf. I need to obtain the id in order to create a task (next step).

This is the sample response from the api docs (user_api.pdf).
  "section": "hashlist",
  "request": "createHashlist",
  "response": "OK",
  "hashlistId": 101

This is my request/response:

$ curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" --request POST -d @createHashList.txt https://myServer/hashtopolis/api/user.php

Response: (missing hashlistId)

createHashList.txt contents 
  "section": "hashlist",
  "request": "createHashlist",
  "name": "API0001_XYZ_Corp Hashlist",
  "isSalted": false,
  "isSecret": true,
  "isHexSalt": false,
  "separator": ":",
  "format": 0,
  "hashtypeId": 3200,
  "accessGroupId": 1,
  "useBrain": false,
  "brainFeatures": 0,
  "accessKey": "*** Sanitized ****"

As you see above I get the OK in the response and the file is created on the server with an id:

The response does not contain the hashlistId as shown in the API docs.  How should I get that id as I need it in my next request to create a task.  I am running Hashtopolis version 0.10.1.  Thanks in advance!

RE: API createHashList Response Question - TheDoubleD - 01-07-2020

I upgraded to version 11 and it has been resolved.