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Supertask Refresh - pgsabol - 01-29-2020

Hasthopolis 0.11.0, hashcat 5.1.0

I have a methodology of cracking passwords comprised of 210 individual tasks.  I have created all of these individual tasks as preconfigured tasks.  I then created a Supertask that includes all 210 tasks. I then assign it to go after a list of 96 ntlm hashes.

When I go to the tasks screen, I see my Supertask running, and I click on the information icon to view all 210 of the subtasks that make this up.  However, every time the screen refreshes (I have auto-reload enabled), I lose this screen and have to click the information icon again.  

We recently migrated from 0.5.1, and got spoiled in this version because when you clicked on SHOW/HIDE on a Supertask, it expanded a table below it and it stayed visible with every screen auto reload.

Is there a way in 0.11.0 to keep all subtasks of a Supertask visible with every screen auto refresh?

RE: Supertask Refresh - s3in!c - 02-05-2020

Currently this is not possible, but we are aware about this non-ideal case and we'll try to find a solution.