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Performance issue - madanileiz - 02-03-2020


I have an performance issue. I use an node with 6xGTX1080 and on the pure Hashcat it reach ~120GH/s performance in bruteforce attack (MD5) but if I start the same task by Hashtopolis this node reach only half of this value like ~60GH/s. What is the reason of decrease of performance?

ver. Hashcat 5.1.0
ver. Hashtopolis 0.11
task command: -a3 #HL# ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a

Best regards.

RE: Performance issue - s3in!c - 02-05-2020

Can you provide some more information please.
Do you have some debug output of the agent running on such a chunk?
Which benchmark type was used?
What are the task settings, and how large are the chunks (in keyspace and in time)?

RE: Performance issue - madanileiz - 02-10-2020

Okay. Thank you for the answer. The issue was resolved. -O param in attack command was a problem.

I have another question about performance in Hashtopolis system. Is there a way to do the same task in less time? For example, by editing the chunk size parameter.

RE: Performance issue - s3in!c - 02-10-2020

Do the task in less time compared to what? Running the task on a single machine?

RE: Performance issue - madanileiz - 02-19-2020

Do the task in less time compared to default settings. I'm running the task on multiple machines. 2x platform with 4x 2080Ti and 1x platform with 6x 1080Ti. I was trying to change the chunk size option and overall time was changed. I need to find a solution how configure task's settings for specific mask.