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Help Needed for Multi Tasks
Hello Everyone,
I have managed to setup both server and multiple clients successfully. however, here is what i am trying to do and need your help:

* I need to setup a main server where hashtopolis server is installed [DONE]
* I need to setup 5 agents (whereby each agent has 5 GPUs) [PARTIALLY DONE]
* I need to create a task whereby i want to use all the combined power (5 agents X 5 GPUs for each agent) [Can't figure this out]

So my question:
- what is the optimal scenario to create a task where i will use only 1 hash and 5 agents to work on this particular hash. [Create a normal task? super task? a bit confused here]
- Also when i have tested using two agents, i got one agent working properly, the second always giving error that could not calculate speed? do i have to select identical agents (same GPU type. i.e RTX 2080ti etc..)?

Appreciate your help.

- You can just create normal tasks which will then be split and distributed to all available agents.
- Also there is no need to have identical agents, Hashtopolis will issue different work sizes to the different agents, depending on their abilities (retrieved by the benchmark process at the beginning when an agent picks up a task).
- If you can post more detailed information about the error, I can try to help you. If possible, please run the agent with the debug flag (--debug) to retrieve detailed log information and post here (with sensitive data stripped away).
Thank you for the reply.

i always receive this: Error during speed benchmark, return code: 255 Output

This happens whenever i try to assign the same hash to a new agent. (Assigning the hash to first agent always works, but then when trying to add the same hash to the second agent error is displayed).

Thanks in advance.
This error typically means that Hashcat reported an error. You should be able to see the error message on the agent page, or as mentioned, even better a debug output log from the agent where it errors would help a lot to see the reason for the error. Most likely this is an issue with the task itself, but I need more information to help you on that.

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