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Automating creation of hashlists?
Thanks for creating a forum for hashtop!

My question is that I'm looking to automate the upload and creation of hashlist. It would be nice during cracking competitions to send a hash list to the hashtop server and have it automagically upload said list into the hashlists tab with proper algo to be processed by the various tasks and supertasks set up. If this isn't something I can do natively with what's included with hashtop's setting/functionality is it something I could write up with a script?

So the end result could look like..... 
Send 100md5.txt to hashtop server
Hashtop reads in 100md5.txt and crates a md5 hashlist in the hashlists tab. 
Hashtop creates supertasks and tasks with various rules and attack modes to use against said hashlist. 
Tasks are sent out to agents for cracking. 

I'm mostly looking for some guidance/brainstorming on a way to accomplish this. Any help is appreciated.  Big Grin
This functionality is currently not possible with Hashtopolis in its current state but, the User API ( allows you to accomplish the same thing with a callable script.

So for what you would like to accomplish, just create a script which calls the corresponding functions to create the hashlist and then creates the tasks for this hashlist. If you do end up creating something, other people would be happy if you share your work. If you have any questions regarding the User API, feel free to ask.
Thanks for the guidance! Will share things for sure!

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