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Add agent failed Ask for help
The Youtube Videos are outdated and need to be redone which is why they are labeled as "depreciated"

So there are a couple things going wrong here. You are trying to use the python agent but running it as if it is a windows binary.
The command "mv agent* hashtopussy.exe" is renaming the downloaded file. (The file you are downloading if you look at the new agent section is a zip file not an exe)
"chmod +x hashtopussy.exe" is making that file executable (its not an executable its a zip file)
"mono ./hashtopussy.exe" is trying to run the file (a zip file) as a windows binary ( when it is most certainly not a windows binary) hence "File dont not conatin a vaild CIL image

What you should be doing:

Download the zip file just as before then rename the file appropratly

"mv agent*"

Then ( if you have python installed on the system) you can run the python agent with the following command

"python3 ./"


Let me know if you run into more issues.

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