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Unable to login after reset.php
Current Server Version: Hashtopolis: 0.12.0 commit d9f7af5 branch master

I've taken over our Hashtopolis rig since the previous admin has left the company. I have a normal user account for the GUI but do have root access to the CLI on the server. I've tried to use the reset.php script in order to reset the password for the admin user and it says:
User XYZ has a new password now

However, when I attempt to login with that user I'm getting the lovely:

Wrong username/password/OTP!

I've tested it on my own userId and it's successful when I use the password set in reset.php and am not seeing any errors in logs for the admin login attempts (still troubleshooting).

I've ensured that opcache.enable=0 is set in php.ini and have referenced the following git issues that have similar asks, with no luck: Is there anything that I can perform in order to either:
  1. Be able to remediate the Wrong username/password/OTP! with the admin account I'm trying to reset
  2. Assign myself Admin privileges
Thank you in advance for any feedback and help.

Let me know if there are any further details needed.

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Unable to login after reset.php - by RTO - 07-30-2020, 06:44 PM

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