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Alright, I should be able to figure this out, but I am failing today.

I'm trying to test out prince processor on my hashtopolis setup. From the wiki, I believe it should take a command of (for example) "#HL# rockyou.txt -r prince_optimized.rule" and pipe rockyou.txt through prince, then to hashcat (with the rules). However, even after I say it's a prince task, it still runs it straight. 

Now, I'm assuming the issue is that I'm offline (sandboxed machines - all clients are Windows, host is an ubuntu VM running in Windows), so it is trying to download prince and is unable to, so it goes ahead as a normal attack. If it's a matter of manually distributing the binary, I can do that, but I just need to know how/where it would be saved. I tried throwing pp64 in the agent hashcat folder, but that didn't work (I wasn't surprised).

I had a test environment on a internet machine, but of course it's 0.5.1, which doesn't seem to have prince as an option.

My brain isn't working today - please help!
What surprises me is that it runs the prince task as normal if it fails to download it. That shouldn't happen, in that case it should just fail and try to repeat.

But to your offline problem, in the server config you can change the prince download link (which is set to the github release link by default) and set it to a link which works in your offline environment and place the zip there.
Thanks for your quick response, sorry for my very delayed response, got caught up with other stuff.

I tried doing the offline download link, but it still never worked (just kept running as a normal attack). So, I decided to just bite the bullet and recreate my hashtopolis server VM (needed reconfiguring anyways) and upgrade to the current hashtopolis version.

Long story short, PRINCE works fine now in the new version.

But, I am having issues getting the brain to work through hashtopolis. I'm still trying to understand how it works in general, so this isn't shocking.

I start the server in another hashcat instance, with:
hashcat --brain-server --brain-password=password --brain-port=13743

Starts fine. Tested with a local hashcat (client) instance, connects to the brain, cracks away. Tested connection with hashcat on another computer on the domain, connects to the brain, cracks away.

In the hashtopolis web UI, under server settings, I plug in the IP, port, password, and tick the 'allow hashcat brain to be used for hashlists' checkboxes.

Initially I assumed that data would be filled into the attack command sent to the agents, but if I do a simple #HL# rockyou.txt -r best64.rule, it just attacks as normal. No connection made to the brain server. So then I tried manually entering the brain parameters into the command.

I then get:

Got task with id: 19
Downloading: [==================================================]
Client is up-to-date!
Got cracker binary type hashcat
XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX: Either the application has not called WSAStartup, or WSAStartup failed.
Error during keyspace measure: Command 'hashcat64.exe --keyspace --quiet -z --brain-host=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX --brain-password=password --brain-port=13743 ..\..\files\Dictionary.txt -r ..\..\files\basic_cases.rule --hash-type=1000 ' returned non-zero exit status 4294967295.
Error occurred: ('Connection aborted.', RemoteDisconnected('Remote end closed connection without response'))
Failed to get task!
No task available!

I checked in the hashtopolis.log file in the cracker and noticed the log always has the following settings (despite what I have entered in the web UI):

user_options->brain_client 0
user_options->brain_client_features 2
user_options->brain_server 0
user_options->brain_port 6863
user_options->brain_session 0

I've restarted the server, recreated the agents from scratch, and am now out of ideas...


I am an idiot. Missed one critical checkbox. On upload of the hashlist, the 'use hashcat brain' checkbox.

That seems to have fixed the problem.

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