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hashtopolis file upload
Hashtopolis run on a dedicated remote server (OS: Ubuntu, CLI only).
Normally I use hashcat on this server by login with ssh. Wordlist file uploaded to '/usr/share/wordlist/' directory.

On this server hashtopolis also installed. When I upload wordlist files by hashtopolis, wordlist files are duplicated.
One uploaded by me for hashcat to '/usr/share/wordlist/', another one uploaded by hashtopolis.

My question: Could you recommend any solution to avoid duplicates?
e.g.: create link on hashtopolis to the dir '/usr/share/wordlist/'?

Hashtopolis: 0.10.1

I would do it the other way around. Link the hashtopolis directory to /usr/share/wordlist.
Hashtopolis needs to place the files itself there, and if there is anything done on the files, it can lead to some malfunction (e.g. if the file size changed, etc.). So I would say it's safer to link from the hashtopolis directory to /usr/share/wordlist.

Of course you can do it the other way round, you just need to be careful then.

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