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Hashcat not using full power of GPU
Hi there, it's me again.

I am running a bruteforce task with the attack command like this:

-a 3 -1 ?l?d?s?u #HL# ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1

In my iMac, it's using 65% GPU power only, and the speed is 0% with my NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M display card. (see the attached screenshot)
In my older MacBook Pro (which is much less powerful) running the same task, the speed is 12H/s (still very slow), and using 35% GPU power only (Intel HD Graphics 4000).

How come the MacBook Pro runs faster than the iMac with less GPU utilization?

From hashcat documentation, it said the task has not enough workload:

Is it also true in my case?

The keyspace size should be huge enough: 6,634,204,312,890,625, which now takes 12,245,200y 72d 16:54:54 to finish Tongue

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