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Sustainable password cracking
I'm a big fan of Solar project, and I run a few raspberry pi on solar. But I've got my hand on one of those new Nvdiia 2GB nano board that can run from 5v USB C. over this weekend I've manged to get Hashtopolis running on this wee little nao board with only 9W power draw. My first task was to compile Hashcat on the nano board and test it. once done, then download and run the python3 script. this is where i ran into a issue with Hashtopolis. First off ( Yes I know ) it was downloading the amd64 version from the link. Just had to replace that with the comiled version earlier. then I ran into a issue with the benchmark not runn so I entered in a manual number on the server. [ 4096:4033497.7 ] , And was able to run a test. Ok it's slow 4.8Kh/s compared to a desktop rig. But this is a raspberry sized board, that can run on solar. Anyhow what I would like to know is what do the number's mean on the benchmark. 4096???:4.33497.7??? . Also as anyone else done solar cracking ?.

Also may I add. the Jetson Nvidia nano 2GB only just run with it limited memory on Version 4.4.1. Only run's on a fresh boot with logging into desktop ( I log in via ssh ). Won't run once it's been running other task, due to low memory.

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