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Agent-Status: No Task available
Hello everybody,

this is my first post at this forum - so when i do something wrong, forgive me.

Current Server Version

uname -a

Linux bernd 5.6.0-kali2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.6.14-1kali1 (2020-05-25) x86_64 GN/Linux

Current Client Version

Hashcat Version
hashcat 6.1.1

Task command you are using eg. "#HL# wordlist.txt -r rulefile.rule"
-a3 #HL# ?h?h?h?h?h?h

A detailed description of the problem you are experiencing:

For the first time everything went very well. My two clients are working together. (one is on windows, the other on linux).  When i add another windows machine nothing works anymore
2 of 3 clients (sometimes the linux, sometimes the windows) are saying: failed to get task. The other agent is wokring with the Chunk calculation. But i cant get all 3 agents working on this problem.  I also noticed that the agents who are not working (failed to get task) cant assign (over the agent-panel) to the task. Its always unassign. The other agent - which is working - say: MD5 (which is the name of the task)

Debug output from the client

Windows agent #1+2

{'action': 'getTask', 'token': 'TdRQ4MzUD7'}
Starting new HTTP connection (15):XXXXXXX:80
http://XXXXXXXX:80 "POST /api/server.php HTTP/1.1" 200 94
b'{"action":"getTask","response":"SUCCESS","taskId":null,"reason":"No suitable task available!"}'
No task available!
{'action': 'getTask', 'token': 'TdRQ4MzUD7'}

Linux agent

calculating chunks

I also cant find any clues in the internet, neither the wiki or this forum.  Thanks ahead for helping!
And yes - i also checked the contains-secret-data thing Tongue
The task you gave seems not to be that large. Is it possible that the first two agents already got chunks which make up 100% of the task and there is no work to distribute left for the third agent?

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