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Hashtopolis compatibile cracker without OpenCL?
Does anyone know about a cracker, that does not have OpenCL (this means it only works with CPUs) as a dependency and is compatibile with the way, that Hashtopolis distributes tasks and communicates with the cracker?
There's this:
However that's more like a proof of concept to show what's necessary to make a cracker work with hashtopolis.
The key features needed by a cracker are keyspace measurement, skip and limit. AFAIK hashcat is the only one that supports these.
It depends on which algorithm you need. But the reference implementation available at is able to do MD5 and BCRYPT, if you need any other algorithm, it might not be that hard to just replace the hash calculation with the one you need.

The other thing, you mix up the driver software OpenCL with the hardware itself (CPU vs GPU). Having no GPUs does not mean not having OpenCL at all. If you have any normal processor you could install the OpenCL driver for the CPU and run Hashcat on this, without having any GPU.

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