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Required network channel between the client and the server
A dictionary file can weigh up to several gigabytes. Three questions have appeared on this topic:

- Does the task execution on the client only start when the dictionary transfer is complete?
- Are the dictionaries saved on the client or do I have to transfer the dictionary again for each operation?
- Can the desired dictionaries be saved on the client manually, and if so, where should they be and will they be automatically detected?

Thanx for support and nice software.

- Yes, the client waits until the transfer of the dictionary is complete, to make sure that it does not run an incomplete file.
- Yes, they are kept on the client until they are explicitly deleted on the server and this information is propagated to the clients. So on any further tasks with the same wordlist, there is not time lost for downloading.
- Yes, you can place them manually in the `files` folder before you start the client, they just need to have the same name, then it should assume it has already downloaded it and will use it.

Hope this helps to answer your questions.

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