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Linux agent crashing on start - 0.13.0
Server version: 0.13.0
Client version: s3-python-0.7.0
Hashcat version: 6.2.6
Task command: #HL# -a 3 ?a?a?a

Problem Description: Testing out 0.13.0 before I roll it out on our actual cluster setup.  I got htp 0.13.0 installed on an Ubuntu 20.04 server VM (VirtualBox). No problems there; comes up find, can add files, agents, bridged mode so I get an IP, etc. I have a laptop with a 3070m GPU on which I'm putting an agent.  That process, too, went without a hitch. The problem arises when I assign a task to that agent.  It immediately goes offline (per the agent setup, that's what I want it to do). The task is super basic.  I have several thousand known NTLM hashes I use for training.  I create a hashlist with them.  Then create a task to brute force 3 characters. I assign it a priority of 1 and the agent takes off, but immediately goes offline. I've been trying to troubleshoot, and I pulled out the hashcat syntax that hashtopolis builds to run manually: 

./hashcat.bin --machine-readable --quiet --status --restore-disable --session=hashtopolis --status-timer 5 --outfile-check-timer=5 --outfile-check-dir='/home/paul/utilities/htp/hashlist_4' -o '/home/paul/utilities/htp/hashlists/4.out' --outfile-format=1,2,3,4 -p " " -s 0 -l 9025 --potfile-disable --remove --remove-timer=5  '/home/paul/utilities/htp/hashlists/4'  -a 3 ?a?a?a  --hash-type=1000 -d 1

When I run this, I get an error from hashcat that says "Separator length has to be exactly 1 byte (single char or hex format e.g. 0x09 for TAB)".  On a whim, I inserted a colon (Smile between the double quotes at the -p "" switch, and it ran.  I think my problem my lie in this area, but I don't know how to fix it.

Debug: attached

I noticed there is a space between the double quotes in the -p switch displayed above when I pasted the syntax in this forum, . When I do the same copy/paste to mousepad on my Linux box, there is nothing between the doublequotes; they're side by side. Don't know if that adds any addition clues to this problem or not, but wanted to share my observation.

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