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Windows Client not receiving #HL# variable
Running Hashtopolis 0.10.1 on Ubuntu Server 16.04

Client runs Windows 10, Agent version s3-python-

Task: WPA2 cracking

-a6 #HL# 8dig5miluplow.txt

Client error: Error during keyspace measure: Command 'hashcat64.exe --keyspace --quiet -a6 ..\..\files\8dig5miluplow.txt  --hash-type=2500 ' returned non-zero exit status 4294967295.

The #HL# value should be "hand2" but it is missing in the string. 

What have I done wrong / should check?
For the keyspace measure the hashlist should not be passed to hashcat, that's why it does not appear in this call. But this is correct.

What do you get as output when you run the command manually in the folder where hashcat is located (./crackers/<id>/)? This might help to get the reason (maybe strip the --quiet away to get more info)
Was playing around with the attack string, removed the -a6, and it worked.

well it got further, now I get HC error: nvmlDeviceGetFanSpeed(): Not Supported, and from what I am reading, that is because I am testing on a laptop?
Oh yeah, I should've seen that. with -a 6 you would need to provide a mask as well, because this is the hybrid attack mode..
When you just have the dictionary, you need -a 0 or just nothing (as 0 is the default).

Indeed, on laptops the fan speed cannot be read. If this keeps stopping the agent because of the error, you can change the settings for the error handling on the agents detail page (to ignore errors).
Done, and it is working. Thanks for your help!

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