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[Solved] Unable to upload ~100MB wordlist
I am using the latest, cloned hashtopolis server.

I have uploaded both rules and a hashlist.

As a test, I uploaded a small file as a wordlist, but I need this large, ~100MB one.

Hashtopolis seems to comply with my request to upload it, but in the end, the wordlist is not uploaded.

1. What may I try to remedy this issue.

2. Also, it would be more convenient for me to sftp the wordlist to the server. Is there any way to do so and tell hashtopolis that the wordlist is indeed a wordlist?

After typing this post, I realized that the problem had to be with apache. That triggered a memory that I had something in my notes (drawn fromĀ  your wiki). I copy it below.

You may want to increase these PHP parameters to accommodate your intended usage.
sudo nano /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini
memory_limit = ...
upload_max_filesize = ...
post_max_size = .

Having made appropriate adjustments to the file, I now have uploaded my desired 100MB file.

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