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3 Rigs and command question.
Hey Hastopolis guys,

I have a question regarding the possibilities.
I recently purchased a rig of 3 x 6 GPU cards.
Linux is installed on all 3 rigs.

In addition, I have built a small web server with Hashtopolis.
I used to crack with the following syntax. Hashcat64.exe -m 5600 -a 3 hash.txt

Can I also put this assignment in hashtopolis and bundle the 3 rigs with hashpower?
Thanks in advance for your help and effort
Yeah you can, but your command you posted is lacking the mask for the attack.

In Hashtopolis you then have to only enter the following part of a command line, for example: #HL# -a 3 ?a?a?a?a?a
Just make sure you read through the wiki to see how you need to set up your agents, and how you then need to create the hashlist and use it for tasks.
Thanks for your reply.
Last few questions, where exactly do I add my hash that I want to crack?

first you need to add your Hashlist and may be a word file.
If you got that, add a Task. Choose your Hashlist and add the word file if needed. If you want to brute force, use the Syntax given by sin!c.

Hashtopolis is a very powerful tool, you`ll love it.

Can brute forcing this bite you in the behind at a later stage or is it prfectly fine?

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