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Performance issue

I have an performance issue. I use an node with 6xGTX1080 and on the pure Hashcat it reach ~120GH/s performance in bruteforce attack (MD5) but if I start the same task by Hashtopolis this node reach only half of this value like ~60GH/s. What is the reason of decrease of performance?

ver. Hashcat 5.1.0
ver. Hashtopolis 0.11
task command: -a3 #HL# ?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a

Best regards.
Can you provide some more information please.
Do you have some debug output of the agent running on such a chunk?
Which benchmark type was used?
What are the task settings, and how large are the chunks (in keyspace and in time)?
Okay. Thank you for the answer. The issue was resolved. -O param in attack command was a problem.

I have another question about performance in Hashtopolis system. Is there a way to do the same task in less time? For example, by editing the chunk size parameter.
Do the task in less time compared to what? Running the task on a single machine?
Do the task in less time compared to default settings. I'm running the task on multiple machines. 2x platform with 4x 2080Ti and 1x platform with 6x 1080Ti. I was trying to change the chunk size option and overall time was changed. I need to find a solution how configure task's settings for specific mask.

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