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Hashtopolis 0.12.0 Release
The new Hashtopolis release contains new features, various bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Generic preprocessor integration to allow inclusion of any preprocessor supporting chunking.
  • Dark mode added.

  • Fixed increasing the superhashlist cracked count if there are cracks running one of the hashlists alone.
  • Fixed hidden superhashlists on task creation page due to filtering.
  • Fixed reporting result of health check which resulted in endless loop depending on the used IDs.
  • Fixed reporting outdated speed on tasks page when agent is put inactive directly.
  • Fixed recalculation of benchmark when changing chunk time.
  • Fixed discord notification to work again.
  • Fixed missing index structure on speed measurements table.

  • Agents can be assigned to tasks via user API.
  • Server can be configured to provide 'isComplete' flag on the user API when requesting all tasks.
  • Certain agent errors can be whitelisted to be completely ignored (for such who don't affect the running).
  • Hashlists can be moved to other Access Groups after creation.
  • Health checks can now be deleted.
  • API keys can get masked if admin is not assigned to them.
  • Agent data for temperature and util are split into separate graphs and have more different colors.
  • Files can now be selected for either the cracker task or the preprocessor and are filled in the corresponding field.
  • Included new Hashcat modes included in newest beta.
  • Adjusted to new format of Hashcat printing cracked WPA hashes.
  • Adjusted to PMKID handling of Hashcat.

The new release is available at:
The corresponding client release (which is also included in the server release) is available at:

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