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Hashtopolis 0.9.0 Release
The new Hashtopolis release contains various new features and enhancements:

  • The server saves the crackpos for hash founds given by hashcat.
  • Trimming of chunks can be disabled so a chunk is always run fully again (or splitted if it is too large).
  • Supertasks can now can be created by specifying a base command and iterate over a selection of files to be placed in the command.
  • Notes can be added to hashlists.
  • Added optional trace logging of actions from the client API to get more information in case of failures.
  • Slow hashes are marked, so the client can decide if piping could make sense for this hash type.
  • Agents can run health checks to determine if all agents are running correctly.

  • Fixed GPU data graph when having multiple agents.
  • Fixed assignment issue with subtasks of supertasks if they were in the same supertask.
  • Fixed that cracker types cannot be deleted when there are supertasks using this type.

  • Telegram notifications can now completely be configured via server config and also can be used through proxies.
  • Peppers of Encryption.class.php and CSRF.class.php were moved out of the files to make updating easier.
  • When importing supertasks it can be selected if they should use the optimized flag and which benchmark type should be used.
  • Subtasks are only loaded when being viewed to speed up loading of the tasks page.
  • Changed type of the hash column to TEXT to make sure to handle all the long hashes. It should not affect speed as long as there is not a multi-million hashlist.
  • Preconfigured task attack commands can be edited after creation.
  • If needed it can be set that the server should also distribute tasks with priority 0.

The new release is available at:
The corresponding client release (which is also included in the server release) is available at:

Please note that the python agent is the only agent for the moment which is able to run with the newest server releases of Hashtopolis. Unless otherwise stated, the C# client remains not up-to-date and should not be used. Also note that the agent repository was split into two repositories, one for each agent type. The old repository just shows the links to the new ones.

An important note for people upgrading from previous versions: 
Due to the change of moving the peppers for the hashing out of the class itself (to cause less conflicting problems), this update needs certain attention. Back up the three different peppers present in src/inc/Encryption.class.php and the CSRF token in src/inc/CSRF.class.php, overwrite the Encryption and CSRF class on update and apply the upgrade script. After the upgrade script is done, the file with the db credentials (src/inc/db.php) is moved to src/inc/conf.php. Replace the placeholders for the peppers with the backed up values, so login credentials will continue to work after the upgrade.

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