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Getting 'Invalid chunk id' from agent. Can I remove a chunk?
I am getting the following error.   I removed the hash file from hashtopolis and it still reports the error over and over and will not process anything else. I cannot figure out how to remove the chunk. Any ideas to resolve?  Help appreciated.

Example from Agent log:

{'chunkId': 5114, 'speed': 0, 'cracks': [], 'keyspaceProgress': 0, 'state': 2, 'token': '**** Sanitized ****', 'relativeProgress': 0, 'action': 'sendProgress'}
"POST /hashtopolis/api/server.php HTTP/1.1" 200 78
b'{"action":"sendProgress","response":"ERROR","message":"Invalid chunk id 5114"}'
Does the chunk exist on the server?
What kind of task are you trying to run?
Did you change anything on the web UI before the error happened?

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