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Assigning Tasks With New Wordlists: Local Verification of Wordlist?
I have a small web server in AWS running the Hashtopolis server instance. 

My agents are on various machines around the world. At least one of my wordlists is 22GB+.
I'm looking for a way to have this file already included in my image and the server verify its existence, rather than push it.


{'action': 'getFile', 'token': 'xxxxx', 'taskId': 41, 'file': 'top2billion.txt'} "POST /api/server.php HTTP/1.1" 200 155

This puts the "top2billiob.txt" file in /home/cracking-agent/files/top2billion.txt

If I already have this file there, it appears to want to overwrite it. 
Is there a workaround or a method to avoid sending 20GB+ to every agent?
Did you confirm that it tries to overwrite it?
To check if the file is already present, it checks the filesize, so this has to match to not have it overwritten.

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